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Wiro, Coil & Bindery Supplies & Services

Wiro Binding

We offer a complete in house wire binding service from loose leaf or folded section formats. The double loop wire is available in a selection of colours and varies in diameter from 6mm to 32mm which can bind product up to a maximum 29mm spine.

Bindrite specializes in the wire binding of books/manuals, wall and desk top calendars.

Coil Binding

Is very similar to wire binding with the exception that we can bind up to a 50mm spine and the coil itself has a memory and is virtually indestructible and is commonly used to bind school journals. The coils are available in approximately 50 colours and can be matched to your requirements.

Bindery Machinery

Bindrite supplies a full range of bindery machines from your basic hand closing machines to fully automated wire/coil binding lines.  Second hand machines are also available.  Bindrite are stockists of notable machine brands from GBC and Rilecart.

Bindery Supplies

Bindrite has an extensive range of bindery supplies including double loop wire in both boxed cut lengths and spools. We also have a full stock of continuous coils in both filament rolls and boxed lengths and can make all sizes and colours to your requirements. We stock both leather grain boards and a large range of PVC clear and opaque covers.

So please call us on 01 880 9100 or email us for a quote